Collaborations with charitable associations, circular economy projects, commitment to employee training and well-being: how the concept of “innovability” becomes everyday life at Maglificio Pini.

There is a term that stems from the union of innovation and sustainability: it is innovability, and it describes a company’s ability to be simultaneously innovative and sustainable from both a social and environmental perspective. A wonderful word that tells of care for the present and commitment to the future.
To ensure that it does not come across as an abstract concept, distant from everyday reality, we must remember that sustainability is one of the main drivers of innovation. Thus, at Maglificio Pini we have decided to integrate it into different aspects of our daily business life.

The sustainable use of resources

First and foremost, an established collaboration, which we like to mention often, is with Re-Verso™, an innovative manufacturing approach that combines science and technology to create a circular economy production system for high-quality wool and cashmere. Maglificio Pini has donated, and continues to donate, yarn to Re-Verso™, contributing to the recovery of more than 1,220 kilograms of materials and thus promoting the sustainable use of textile resources, a sensitive topic of current concern.
We also donate yarn to the Politecnico di Milano and to the École Duperré Paris, yarn that will then be reused for research projects and teaching activities in the field of art and design.

Training and support for employees

Looking to the future, we recognize the importance of investing in the training of the younger generation. We are enrolled in the National Registry for Alternanza Scuola Lavoro and offer internship opportunities at the Itas Saffi Institute in Forlì. Students are supervised by company tutors and can count on the help of all employees, as knowledge sharing is one of our core values. At the end of the course, the possibility of regular employment opens up.
The initiative not only allows young people to discover passion and creativity, but also enables the Maglificio to train specialized figures in the knitting industry. Some employees have been with us for over 20 years and started their careers precisely because of this valuable opportunity.
Speaking again of our employees, we offer them support programs such as San.Arti and Eber, which include benefits for medical expenses, first home purchase, renovation, education and transportation. This commitment demonstrates our willingness to promote a positive and stimulating work environment.

Social development projects

Last, and certainly not least, we would like to mention that one of the pillars of Maglificio Pini’s business philosophy is to support organizations and associations dedicated to charity and social development projects.
These include the Krishna Association in India and Italy, which offers assistance and collaboration for numerous social programs, including the distribution of vegetarian food, in support of centers in our country, Congo and Nepal. Our yarn is also used to create flower garlands used in ceremonies at Krishna temples, contributing to the beauty of spaces dedicated to prayer.
We then support San Patrignano, the free rehabilitation community for those with addiction problems, which has dedicated spaces for a small knitting activity. Our contribution involves training in the use of the machinery in the community, and it can turn into a professional background for future life.
Moving then to the province of Avellino, our support goes to the project that helps children living in family and social conditions of hardship promoted by Professor Paola Laudadio, providing the opportunity to make small textile creations by hand, and thus recover a protected dimension of play and leisure.

Through collaborations with charitable associations, circular economy projects, and an ongoing commitment to employee training and well-being, we want to demonstrate, every day, that the concept of innovability can be achieved in practice. Thus, Maglificio Pini not only produces high-quality garments, but also contributes to social and environmental progress, creating a sustainable future for all of us and for those who will live in our future.

If you would like to learn more about innovability, please note that Maglificio Pini will attend the next edition of Pitti Filati, June 28th to 30th, 2023, at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence.
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