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For more than 40 years, the excellence of Made in Italy in knitwear.

It was in 1977 that Giuseppe Pini founded Maglificio Pini, thus realising one of his biggest dreams: to start his own company, giving himself the opportunity to express his entrepreneurial talent.

Full of intuition and initiative, with a natural sense of appreciation for knitwear, he weaved a history of continuous growth, that today sees the new generation in charge of a company, leader in its field. A development enliven by the research of perfection at all levels, from raw material to skilfulness, from technology to creativity.

Thus, from its birth up to today, Maglificio Pini has been a prominent leader in the history of fashion, with every design collected and cataloguedin the company archive of styles and stitches: a special space for a tactile and visual journey amongst more than 4.000 items, heritage of tradition and a source for  inspiration.

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Al Maglificio Pini siamo sempre attenti ai nuovi talenti e pronti a investire nelle persone che hanno voglia di mettersi in gioco nell’arte della maglieria.

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