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KnitClub @ Pitti Filati: where knitwear is the centrepiece.

The KnitClub at Pitti Filati has always been the Mecca for fashion house insiders from all over the world, a mandatory stop for anyone who wants to discover and understand the true essence of Made in Italy excellence. It is precisely here that since year 0, Maglificio Pini has been presenting the very fine quality of its products, born from the attention to detail, creativity and great skill cultivated in almost 50 years of activity.

TIME will be the centre of inspiration for Pitti Filati 94. A great opportunity for those who, like Maglificio Pini, boast a rich archive of garments that have gone through decades of changes and trends, giving life to the history of fashion. Thus, the rediscovery of shapes from the past that are coming back into fashion, and the search for clothes that were already visionary at the time of their release, has made it possible to create a selection of timeless garments, capable of surprising and making people still fall in love with high level knitwear, even after many years.


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