Half a century of fashion between vintage and innovation, because the passing of time, on closer inspection, is not so bad.

So yes, the countdown has begun for Pitti Filati 94, which this year focuses on the theme of time. A theme that Maglificio Pini has decided to interpret by revealing half a century of fashion from its archives, creating a selection that crossses decades and trends.

A journey between vintage and futurism

 Under the spotlight of Pitti Filati, the Maglificio will reveal a special selection of garments that embrace the concepts of vintage, new proposals and futuristic styles with timeless appeal. Inlays, floats, fringes and jacquard come together in a marriage of styles and techniques.

This brings to light the golden age of fashion, in the late Eighties and early Nineties, a time when Maglificio Pini was already on the cutting edge thanks to collaborations with prestigious brands and the innovative use of jacquard.

After all, as we like to remind at the Maglificio, fashion is not just a reflection of time, but a generating force, capable of interpreting it, but also of overcoming it and looking beyond it.

Time as an ally between innovation and progress

In looking to the future, Maglificio Pini embraces the passage of time as an ally, a means of enriching experience, discovering new technologies and constantly improving the quality of its products. Attention to updating, commitment to research, adoption of new technologies and certifications are the pillars on which our company stands.

At the next edition of Pitti, we will be present not only at the Knit Club, but also in the Research Space, this year themed Milestone, after the ancient Roman milestone. Here, two textile masterpieces, the Salt Lake and Cratere knit swatches, will capture the attention of enthusiasts. The first one, woven cables, the second one inspired by the majestic Darvaza, also known as the ‘Gates of Hell’ in Turkmenistan, are prime examples of how Maglificio Pini embraces different jacquard techniques to create unique textile works of art.

The appointment is at Pitti Filati, from February 24th to 26th, in the evocative spaces of the Fortezza da Basso in Florence (we are also online, on the Pitti Connect platform).