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– Code of ethics –

Our Code of Ethics

The governance of Maglificio Pini is based on the values of the Code of Ethics, which represents the commitment to pursue the highest ethical standards in its activities, relationships and achievement of corporate goals. The priority is to put first human relations with all collaborators and customers, always adopting a behaviour aimed at full ethical and moral respect. The goal is to ensure a product of innovation, quality and value together with special attention to safety, the working environment, the impact of activities on the environment and relationships with employees and customers.

The Code of Ethics thus becomes a tool that represents a reference point for us and for all the people we work with. It serves for the implementation of positive behaviour practices, a point of reference and a guide for those who work with Maglificio Pini and for those who have an interest in pursuing its goals and mission. In this way, the Code of Ethics represents an opportunity to formalize long-established excellence, but also to define a guide to steer the future behaviour of all of us in internal and external complexity.

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