Several of our garments starred at the New York Fashion Week. To hit the catwalk, the focal point is the sampling phase, when the style comes to life

Could we have missed New York Fashion Week? Of course not. New York Fashion Week is a multifaceted event: the fashion shows turn into real happenings where the arts – from music to cinema, from dance to painting – intertwine styles and languages, dialoguing with the creations of big names and young talents.

Dresses by Maglificio Pini on the catwalk in New York

Dresses remain the undisputed protagonists and, once again this year, they brought Maglificio Pini’s expertise to the catwalk. Sophisticated garments walked in New York, creating an elegant, even austere mood. What dominated were contrasting materials, such as juxtapositions between knitwear and leather, but also colour and symmetry. It was also interesting to notice that the prevailing features were lengths, armour protecting the body, embellished with effects such as shearling and bouclé.

Maglificio Pini’s garments stand out for their architectural volumes, embracing different shapes and lines: from the linearity of flared sleeves and columnar silhouettes, to the complexity of pleats and knots reminiscent of scrolls and spirals. There is a common denominator among all the models, differing in style and workmanship: it is the meticulous attention to detail, with high quality finishes, born from the care put into our work.

On our Instagram account, we have collected just a few of the most significant examples.



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The sampling phase, when style comes to life

To reach the glittering lights of New York, a key phase is sampling, the phase where ‘style comes to life’, as we like to call it.
The aim is to give shape to the designer’s ideas with authentic proposals that convey high quality at first glance and touch. Balance is created in the harmony between image and wearability, in the integration of visual and tactile effects, in the attention to detail and finish, in the mastery of every manufacturing process.
Experience, staying updated on the latest trends, research into new materials, knowledge of the sector, and a network of suppliers and collaborators have always been at the service of creativity.

To get an idea of what we have achieved in over 40 years of Maglificio Pini, our Archive is always available, online too: contact us if you would like more information.