Our archive is not only a journey through the history of knitwear, but also a source of inspiration for stylists and designers: that is why we decided to refresh it

A place where history meets creativity, where the past feeds the future: this place is the Archive of Maglificio Pini, an actual treasure chest that holds almost 50 years of passion for knitwear.

A new, even more engaging display

 There are so many projects we are working on that we can’t wait to tell you about. One of them is certainly the desire to establish our Archive as a point of reference for Italian and international stylists, designers and brands.

Not just a trunk of memories, then, but a living, inexhaustible source of inspiration. Garments, trial swatches, stitches, embroideries and prints make up a true journey through time that traces the evolution of fashion since 1977, the year the Maglificio was founded, and the creativity of our team. But the Archive is not just a nostalgic revocation: it is a pulsating laboratory, in continuous growth and reorganisation.

That is why it became important to revise the spaces, so as to allow more immediate consultation and use. Thus we have reorganised the garments by type, updated the display with the most recent ones, and created a special area for trial swatches where you can completely immerse yourself in the beauty and variety of our materials.

Therefore, the protagonists become garments and trial swatches, but also embroideries and prints that have paraded on catwalks all over the world, alongside prototypes and studies, without neglecting the various collaborations with local workshops.

The Archive of Maglificio Pini: a bridge between generations

We believe that craftsmanship should be handed down and enhanced, and we always emphasise this. This is why the Archive is open to stylists, designers and anyone who wishes to draw inspiration from our history.

Because being contemporary means combining past and present, looking to the future with an eye to tradition. In this sense, the Archive is a bridge between generations, a place where craftsmanship meets technology, where expertise is enhanced by constant research.

The Archive is also online, always available and consultable on request by writing an email to us. But the immersive experience in our headquarters in Forlì is incomparable!