In a time dense with contrasts, between uncertainty and hope, the upcoming spring-summer trends respond in the name of freedom, quality and respect for the environment.


The pandemic years highlighted two sharply contrasting, yet complementary aspects: on one hand, the weaknesses of social, political and economic systems; on the other hand, the possibility of renewal, the opportunity to build a better future.
As we often recall, Cop26 was a crucial and eagerly awaited moment for fashion too. While those who were expecting concrete answers found themselves disoriented, the reflection that arose after the end of the conference provided each company with a great opportunity: to consolidate its position on the climate crisis and to take business decisions aimed at improvement.
A few examples? Stella McCartney inaugurated The Future of Fashion, a platform that promotes environmentally friendly fashion; Patagonia banned the use of the word sustainable, taking a clear stand against greenwashing, until achievement of carbon neutrality.

What about Maglificio Pini?
When we think of the future, we have a list of very clear ideas. First and foremost, a change of mentality is needed, one that aims at the regeneration, and not at the consumption, of energy resources, raw materials and finished products: we are talking about the circularity of fashion, according to the reduce, reuse and recycle formula.
Also, not to be overlooked is ethical production, which places women, men and the environment at the centre of the entire process, and promotes research into alternative and innovative materials.
The secret is a balance between a virtuous production process and the lightness of fashion, a compromise between emotion and common sense.
Reflections, fears and hopes are reflected in the themes for the spring-summer 2023 season: nostalgia and optimism coexist. On one hand, the past creates security, while iconic and archival pieces emerge to recall a history in which to seek refuge. On the other hand, a look to the future is necessary, with desires for freedom and spontaneity, comfortable fashion, without boundaries, which accompanies in everyday life, but which is also of quality.

Freedom, in particular, translates into a light spirit, which combines the freshness of spring with vibrant colours such as Jasmine Green, Butternut, Sachet Pink, Island Paradise, Botanical Garden and Cherry Tomato.
Materials too, always in the sign of lightness, are different and coexist with each other: this results in comfortable garments in jacquard, with prints and combinations of different shades.
Another theme, as mentioned, is product quality, especially in relation to the buy less, choose well, make it last formula. Thus, garments feature inserts and decorations, as well as refined fabrics: metallic yarns, to underline a radiant, luminous and elegant character; shiny, fluid and slippery fibres, pearly touches, reflective effects.
The colours are bright too: Solar power, Flan, Jet Stream, Canyon Sunset, Quite Shade, Hedge Green, Delicioso.
However, the embellishments are not excessive. There is another transversal theme, and that is minimalism: nothing is superfluous, necessity reigns. The shapes are sculptural, the prints geometric, the graphic combinations colourful, with black acting as the glue between Apricot, Hot coral, Buttercup, Marina, Fairway, Ganache, Dahlia purple.
Alongside solid colours, there are patterns inspired by nature, flowers and fruit, desert cracks, waves. Once again, from the archives come paisley and psychedelia, soft stripes, ethnic graphics.

 A last point, certainly not least, on knitwear: it is a triumph of openwork lace, mesh, crochet, knitted lingerie. Fabrics are bright, metallic; tweed and viscose make an appearance; ruffles and drapes give shape to the garments, the colours are natural and recover the charm of nature.

Maglificio Pini is already at work: together with our suppliers, we are studying and testing new yarns, handcrafted embellishments to adorn knitted garments, manufacturing techniques that are already projecting us into the future.

If you would like to discuss the trends for SS23 with us, please contact us.