Fashion’s gaze is turned to the future: at Maglificio Pini we have intercepted the next spring-summer trends and we are busy at work translating ideas and inspirations into new garments.

At Maglificio Pini, creativity never stops: having just returned from the New York fashion shows, we got to work to bring the next SS 2024 collections to life. We noticed that the inspirations come particularly from the female universe, by its nature multifaceted and constantly evolving:

  • introspection and delicacy are revealed through delicate hues, transparencies, lace and light knitwear;
  • practicality is represented by versatile and comfortable garments that draw on the sporty and military worlds;
  • eccentricity explodes in bright color contrasts, patterns, glowing inserts of sequins and pearls.

Research and experimentation into new production models, particularly involving the reuse of waste and optimization of raw materials, further continue. For example, interest is confirmed in the use of recycled fibers such as wool, silk, cotton, linen and viscose, as well as 100 percent pure fibers and natural dyes.

How to translate a trend into an image?

To convey three characteristics as diverse as those mentioned above, it is possible to undertake a reflection on language, an element of identity and of belonging to a culture, but also of comparison and exchange. Language is a tool that enriches the mosaic of the world, that enables contact with each other, enhancing diversity in a positive way. After all, this is what fashion does: sketching a representation of the self and exploring the world beyond established boundaries, encouraging influences and contaminations.

From language, here come three ways to (literally) write the SS 2024 trends, taking a cue from calligraphy:

 Alphabet: sophistication and seduction

This theme takes inspiration from the elegance of the Greek alphabet, the materials are light and the shapes asymmetrical, the meshes subtle. Yarns of different colors and micro patterns trace plays of colors and stitches with layering and overlapping.

Capital: rationality and concreteness

Capital letters arrive with their linearity, shapes are essential, natural fibers enhance light tones and sculpt sartorial and geometric shapes. Symmetry is also emphasized in jacquard, deco and optical patterns.

Calligraphy: creativity and decoration

Flexuosity and richness of the Arabic alphabet live in union with decorative art: bright synthetic fibers are mixed with metallic threads, prints are opulent and colors are full, in contrast, current events embrace street-art style.

We will have the opportunity to present new trends and discuss them at the upcoming fair, Pitti Filati, to be held at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence from June 28th to 30th.
If you would already like to book a meeting with us, please feel free to write to us to coordinate our agendas.