The study for the use of recycled Lycra, starting from a client’s request, is an opportunity to reflect on the importance of research and sustainability applied to the fashion supply chain.

The latest conversations at Maglificio Pini have concerned a subject that has recently become very topical: research on recycled yarns. In particular, moving away from the universe of natural fibres for a moment, the perfect opportunity to approach the processing of recycled synthetic fabrics, such as Lycra, has arisen.

In recent years, the Maglificio has been engaged on the topic of sustainability in the use of yarns and, more broadly, in a reflection on our role in the fashion supply chain, as we reported during the Cop26 days in Glasgow. In our vision, this role has to respect the environment and make conscious use of available resources, from energy to raw materials. This is why, for some time now, we have been keen to experiment with recycled natural yarns and, in recent weeks, we have also been turning our attention to synthetic blends. The leading role is played by the in-house Research and Development department, which is able to intercept recent innovations, study their applications, ask the necessary questions to embark new paths and provide the right solutions to launch each project.

Maglificio Pini’s latest research is inspired by a client’s request: as we often like to say, every project for us is an open dialogue. Starting from ideas and inspirations, but also from our suppliers’ proposals, we can indeed set new goals and explore new horizons. As mentioned above, in this specific case we were asked to use recycled lycra: we therefore began a scouting phase among numerous companies, both Italian and international, which offer this material. We then proceeded to study of its characteristics and assess its potential. The process has enabled us to highlight the importance of using non-standard recycled yarns: stopping at wool or cashmere is not enough, as the possibilities of reprocessed synthetics are many, they offer new perspectives in terms of manufacturing and fit into our commitment to sustainability.

In this regard, our commitment is not abstract: certification with the Reverso trademark is a daily mission for us. As part of the integrated and advanced no-waste supply chain, we are able to give a proper new life to yarn waste, respecting the environment and implementing a conscious use of raw materials. Because innovation and progress cannot be separated from the desire for a more peaceful future for all.