Commitment to quality at Maglificio Pini translates into daily actions, focusing on research and development, but also into preserving a long-standing tradition.

Knitwear is an art made of passion, mastery and craftsmanship. At Maglificio Pini we try to express it through attention in choosing the best yarns and stitches, as well as in making unique and valuable creations, that hit the most important international catwalks.

Harmony between research and imagination

The starting point is an extensive knowledge of materials and techniques. We select only the best yarns, from all over the world, and we work with them with care and attention, using advanced machinery.

Our Research and Development department, is constantly exploring ideas and solutions in order to generate innovative and trendy garments, but also in accordance with sustainability and respect for the environment principles. This is how we are able to meet the needs of those who rely on us, with high level solutions, sophisticated design and an eye to the future.

Enhance history and territory

Our bond with the tradition is strong and deeply rooted, that’s no secret: we are proud of being a family business that has been handing down its wisdom for over forty years.

In our Archive, available online and on-site, we preserve the history of Maglificio Pini creations. This allows us both to keep the memory of the past alive and draw inspiration to create contemporary garments.

We believe our tradition to be a precious heritage, to be enhanced and protected. For this reason, we strive to share our know-how to new generations, so that they can carry on this ancient and charming art.

In combining past and present, we believe that being contemporary also means ennobling the concept of factory-work, conceived as creative and exciting artisan-work. For this reason, we invest in training and inclusion within our territory, in order to offer young people the opportunity to learn a valuable job, that can enrich both their future and the future of our Country.