Among the creations of several prestigious brands, some are signed Maglificio Pini: this is how we brought with us to New York precious yarns, attention to pattern-making and innovative stitches.

In occasion of New York Fashion Week in September, our garments were the protagonists of new inspirations for the next Spring-Summer season. Among the thousands of styles that walked the runway, even those made by Maglificio Pini contributed to bring new inspirations to life, to launch some wonder thanks to Made in Italy.

What we believe represents a unique value is symbolized by our research on pattern-making, mastery in the use of stitches, and experience in the selection of fabrics and yarns that are capable of making each creation special.


Lightness of shapes

We were first of all swept away by the lightness of impalpable dresses, emphasizing a classic and timeless elegance. Attention is caught by transparencies and asymmetries, underlining the fluidity of shapes and movement. Among the colors, contrasts of black and white appear, juxtaposed with solid colors such as ochre and orange-red. To follow this trend, at Maglificio Pini we focused on deep research on pattern-making, to give emphasis to lines and structures. It is precisely the work on patterns that elevates the peculiarities of the clothes, making their uniqueness stand out.




Dark atmospheres with precious yarns

In addition, it should not be forgotten that who dominates the catwalk is above all an independent and versatile woman. Women’s empowerment is expressed through clothes, the search for raw materials, the look to the future.

To embellish these atmospheres come precious yarns, for example in silk mixes: here then is a deep focus on the choice of materials, as well as special attention to the stitches used. Among the most complex techniques we have prepared, as well as among the results that have given us the most satisfaction, fringe and gathered stitch combos stand out.



Before we hit the catwalk, we experiment with each solution by presenting our own mini collection, and this happens in occasion of Pitti Filati, where the international brands we collaborate with can meet us, see up close and touch our expertise. And, together with us, look far ahead.