Expertise in complex workmanship, attention to the environment, a growing Archive and new markets to explore: here is the year just past and plans for the future of the Maglificio.

As per tradition, the year-end evaluation is a time to reflect on the months that have just passed, the goals achieved and the difficulties faced, but not only that: for Maglificio Pini, the year-end evaluation is the perfect time to confidently look toward the future.

Let’s proceed in order. Without too much rhetoric, 2022 was the year in which the Maglificio – maintaining the course embarked upon in recent years in the name of continuous innovation, craftsmanship experience, and respect for the environment -stayed on course and faced new challenges, successfully. Our garments walked on the most important runways, confirming themselves as protagonists during the fashion weeks in Milan, Paris, London and New York; during the days of Pitti Filati, at the Knit Club, we met familiar faces and made new acquaintances.
In these moments, one of the characteristics for which Maglificio Pini is increasingly recognized and sought after emerged: the mastery of complex workmanship. Embroidery, fabric and leather inserts, advanced pattern making are a trademark, capable of making a difference.
Alongside mastery, a look at current events makes us realize that the conscious use of resources is essential for the contemporary world. The Research and Development department is therefore, as we always remember, engaged day after day in the study and experimentation of sustainable yarns, in enhancing their technical potential as well as their aesthetic performance.
In addition, the collaboration with Re.Verso continues, to give new life to yarn waste and actively promote the conscious use (and reuse) of resources.
The broadening of our horizons, manufacturing techniques and materials enrich day by day our Archive too, which holds a growing number of knit swatches and garments. Available online, it is now possible again to consult it at the headquarters too.

New materials, new workmanship, new trends, can only translate also into new markets to explore. New challenges, to be accepted with enthusiasm.

What are they? We will meet again in January, when we will reveal a few more details.