The enthusiasm of returning to the Fortezza da Basso, the positive feedback received from our autumn/winter collection, the Knit Club as an opportunity for encounters and creativity: the (positive) outcome of Pitti Filati 91.

The Pitti Filati 91 experience came to an end a few days ago and at Maglificio Pini it is time to draw some conclusions. First of all, the return to the historic venue of the Fortezza da Basso in Florence has created a mood of excitement among both exhibitors and visitors, a mood that has encouraged dialogue and exchange of ideas.
Yes, because Pitti Filati is a place for encounters, but also something more: it is a place for discoveries, a space where creativity embraces inspirations, incentives, and answers. In this fertile atmosphere, Maglificio Pini’s FW 22/23 collection immediately captured the attention, receiving a great amount of positive feedback and enabling us to make new acquaintances among the attending sector members.

Presenting a collection made entirely in our Maglificio allows us to achieve a dual goal: on one hand, boasting a perfect business card, introducing ourselves to newcomers showing those who already know us the progress we have made in recent months; on the other hand, we stand as a true creative partner, in line with the spirit of Pitti Filati and the Knit Club.
Our garments are in fact a way of showing first-hand and letting people touch the expertise we have acquired, the yarns we use and the processes we offer: as we often like to recall, from a yarn or a technique often come unprecedented ideas for the realisation of a unique garment.

Download the lookbook of Maglificio Pini’s FW 22/23 Collection here.

In this way, we have opportunity to experiment with shapes, to use techniques that enhance the characteristics of raw materials, and to distinguish ourselves with innovative fabrics, especially in view of a conscious use of resources and respect for the environment, for istance by using recycled cashmere, all of which is in harmony with the in-house Research and Development department.

«We offer our clients products of the highest standard. Our strengths are first and foremost our creativity, the enthusiasm we put into satisfying the most varied and strangest requests from all our customers every day, and the respect we show for deliveries, both in sampling and in production.”
Lucia Pini

The FW 22/23 collection was also an opportunity to present men’s and genderless garments, for the first time in the history of the Maglificio: we cannot overlook new fashion trends, as well as the new needs of both women and men. So here are garments that are comfortable and cozy, that yet do not forego elegance and sophistication. We have used inlays of stitches and yarns, embossed jacquards, changes of texture that have caught the interest of many visitors at our stand and which we hope will be a starting point for exciting new projects.