Available in-house and online, our archive tells the story of four decades of knitwear and so much more: it is a starting point for future creativity.

Maglificio Pini’s archive holds our history, documents over forty years of knitwear activity and prepares us for the future. For this reason, it is important to dedicate proper attention to a project that, from the very beginning, has seemed as ambitious as necessary.
Today, the archive is both a physical and virtual space, an important tool for the Maglificio, our clients and many others, but above all, it is a fundamental element for our daily activities, thanks to the process of renewal and updating.

Expertise and know-how acquired over the decades are collected here and form a priceless heritage, to be observed and touched through knitwear garments and accessories, which have been made since the early 1980s. The archive thus becomes an instrument of research and memory, but not only that: if tradition is fundamental, looking to the future is essential.
For this reason, we constantly update our archive, which works in synergy with the Research and Development department, in particular for research on different materials and knitting stitches. For example, with a view to constant dialogue with current events, we have recently added a new category for consultation: recycled yarns.

Last, but certainly not least, the digitisation process began a few years ago: this makes Maglificio Pini one of the first companies to have an online archive available and accessible to everyone, even those who are not our clients, wherever they are in the world.
Particularly in the recent period, due to the limitations caused by the health emergency, the archive has become a creative and research support for many designers in search of inspiration.

Would you like to discover Maglificio Pini’s archive? Contact us for full details and we will provide you with the password to access the digital version.
Below is a preview of the services you will have access to:

– the knit trials of the archive are available for loan;
– we can carry out research by prior receiving images or moodboards, in person and remotely;
– you can research the archive in-house and independently, by prior appointment.