A refurbished website, Instagram and Pinterest always up-to-date, a digital archive containing more than 40 years of knitted swatches: Maglificio Pini strengthen its digital presence.

In the latest news published we were wondering what future would have in store for us. At Maglificio Pini we are always ready to embark in new adventures and embrace the unknown, no idle hands here!

To be up to date it is crucial to concentrate on the technological development of a company – now more than ever. We have therefore decided to give a twist to our online presence, focusing on our website, on the digital archive and on social networks, with a focus on Instagram and Pinterest. Digital tools are strategic not only to show our expertise and what we can do, but also to introduce our company and our team.

The website of Maglificio Pini has been renovated, new content added, and the pictures uploaded are guiding you with the hand through the different departments. The goal is to find an alternative way to have you with us, since we cannot greet you in person in the headquarter in Forlì.  This is also reflecting on our Instagram page, where we are regularly posting glimpse of our daily schedule and of the people that are putting their heart and soul into their work at Maglificio Pini.

The layout and content of the online archive has been instead revolutionized: new entries have been added and more will be uploaded in the next weeks. The archive stays in three language (Italian, English and French) and we have improved it to be more usable. Get in touch with us to receive the password: you can find inspiration browsing more than 40 years of knitted swatches.

Since our garments archive can only be seen – for the time being – in our headquarters, we have created Pinterest boards with some of the pieces we made from the 80ies to nowadays.

Our goal is finding solutions to get closer with a distance, looking forward to working side by side again.