We are happy to share another important milestone for our company, which has always keeped close to it’s hart the well-being of its employees: we are finalists in the Intesa Sanpaolo Women Value Company award.

Maglificio Pini was included among the 100 finalist companies of the Intesa Sanpaolo Women Value Company award, in collaboration with the Marisa Bellisario Foundation, which aims to involve virtuous companies in terms of the inclusion of female figures within the work space. The award ceremony took place in streaming on 7 July, moderated by Paola Pica, journalist of Corriere della Sera, and in the presence of the President of the Marisa Bellisario Foundation. In this context, the official award, the Golden Apple, was awarded to the 3 winning companies and honorable mentions were given to 100 companies (out of 800 candidates) that stood out, including our Maglificio.

The award aims to enhance not only female entrepreneurial talent but also all those actions that every company applies to highlight female talent, offering equal opportunities and supporting the relationship between women and work also through ad hoc corporate welfare policies.

The Women Value Company recognition awarded SMEs that have female empowerment as a core value, having implemented services to facilitate balancing  family and work, initiatives in favor of the serene management of free time, flexible work organization policies, non-merit remuneration discrimination and plans for the development and enhancement of women’s skills and careers.

The inclusion of Maglificio Pini among the finalists of Women Value Company is therefore a source of great pride, not only because of the majority of woman emploees in the company and being and female-managed company, but above all because we think that gender equality and women’s self-determination are crucial points for a better world and future.