During each stage of production of the knitwear made in Maglificio Pini, artisan savoir-faire and the latest technology combine to offer excellence.

How is a quality Made in Italy knitwear created? At Maglificio Pini, all stages of manufacturing from sampling to production all the way to quality control and packaging are guaranteed to be 100% Made in Italy.

Coordinating all stages of knitwear production

Every stage of knitwear production is handled by our Maglificio Pini: knitting, panel inspection, first pressing, assembling, washing, finishing, final pressing and packaging are carried out by our departments. Rigorous quality control, carried out manually and garment by garment, packaging and shipping are also carried out in-house.
Thus, over the years, our strengths have been complemented by fluidity in the coordination between the various stages of work. This allows us to better manage time and meet deadlines, with an extra gear: the different activities are precisely scheduled throughout the year, with a production cycle that never stops. Delivery to the customer occurs eight to nine weeks after the yarn is received.
In addition, with a scouting activity that is always active, we have formed partnerships with trusted external suppliers for prints and embroidery, whose coordination we follow, in synergy with the various production phases.

Craftsmanship, technology and sustainability come together

There is one crucial point around which all of our work revolves: craftsmanship. Each Maglificio Pini employee’s experience, sensitivity and creativity are decisive factors in the creation of a unique knitwear garment.

State-of-the-art technology facilitates complex workmanship, but it is our employees’ manual skill, creativity and savoir-faire that make it possible to create knitwear garments of the highest quality. This is why Maglificio Pini invests in people, because this is the only way we can develop and give our customers a production of garments in line with their requests, reaching excellence.
– Martina Pini

Last, and certainly not least, an eye to sustainability and respect for our planet: by also taking care of the purchase of yarn, for example, we optimize manufacturing leadtimes and minimize the amount of raw material used, so as to better manage resources and avoid waste. In addition, we use only biodegradable envelopes and boxes sealed with paper tape, because packaging is also an important element in respecting the environment.

If you would like to learn more about knitwear production within Maglificio Pini, please feel free to contact us.