The recent New York Fashion Week was an opportunity to reflect on the latest trends and on how Maglificio Pini has always been at the forefront of creating iconic garments, with experience, creativity and a desire to project into the future.

A few days ago, the New York fashion shows for the Spring-Summer 2023 season came to an end: it is of course an unavoidable opportunity to reflect on new trends and unprecedented ideas. As Maglificio Pini, we are always at the forefront during fashion weeks when it comes to producing genuine icons of tomorrow, protagonists on the catwalks of international brands. Behind the scenes, this translates into daily commitment on several fronts: developing complex garments, learning and using innovative techniques, being constantly projected into the future.

Taking our cue from the very same New York fashion shows, among the most interesting trends we have seen on the runway appear micro and macro lace stitches, bustiers, multicolored jacquards, second-skin garments, technical and natural yarns, confirming a creativity that increasingly aims to break down gender boundaries, embrace color and material contrasts, and to use materials in new ways.
Thanks to our expertise in knitwear, we are able to become advocates of change, anticipating and, in many cases, dictating what is new. Think, for example, of the mastery in complex workmanship, the use of underwires, appliqués and embroidery, fabric and leather inserts, not to mention futuristic pattern-making, which are all truly capable of giving new shape to ideas.

As Maglificio Pini, we talk about the quality of workmanship, but also about the attention to the use of materials, with an eye to the sustainability of resources, as well as to the speed in deliveries. Not only that, there is another essential component in our daily activities: consultation, the real strength of the sampling department. We stand by designers in giving advice, for example, on the yarns to be used or on stitch trials, advice that often results in new ideas, with a perfect synergy between the Maglificio and brands.

The immense wealth of techniques, materials and ideas is kept in our archive, which can be consulted both in-house and online, and which contains 45 years of Made In Italy knitwear history, as well as the creative heritage of some of the most famous names on the haute couture and high fashion scene.