The implementation of a Re-Cig bin, the publication of our Code of Ethics, and the deep connection with the local area are issues we are increasingly involved in when it comes to sustainability.

At Maglificio Pini, we are committed every day to pursuing the values we believe are fundamental. For this reason, in recent years we have placed increasing emphasis on integrating sustainability into every aspect of daily life, because we believe that respect for people and the world we live in must come before everything else.

Recently, we have taken important steps forward on three topics that are fundamental to us, small but significant contributions to building our future:

  • on the subject of environmental sustainability, the introduction of a Re-Cig bin for the recovery of cigarette butts;
  • with a focus on corporate sustainability, the drafting and publication on our website of the Code of Ethics;
  • in the area of social responsibility, continuing our commitment to both the enhancement of Made in Italy and the territory.

Respecting the environment and giving new life to waste

As for the first point, we came across a new project that immediately caught our eye: we are the first reality in the urban area of Forlì to enter the Re-Cig project. This is the installation of a bin for the collection of cigarette butts; a tool that reduces the amount of undifferentiated waste and allows, through a patented process, to transform it into a plastic polymer, used in various fields, from the production of zippers to that of eyeglass frames.

This is the Maglificio’s contribution to a culture of environmental respect, as well as to the reuse of waste materials that, thanks to the circular economy, have new life.

Human relations at the center of everything: the corporate Code of Ethics

In terms of corporate sustainability, Maglificio Pini’s Code of Ethics is a point of reference and a guide for all the people who work with us.

It is an actual map, a guide that encloses our history, accompanies us in our daily lives and designs the future. This Code is essential to guide all of us in our internal relations as well as in those with suppliers, collaborators and customers.

Indeed, claiming to be devoted to excellence requires, in our view, attention to safety, the livability of the work environment, relationships with collaborators and customers and, last but not least, the impact of our activities on the environment.

The world around: territory and Made in Italy

Another news is the entry of Maglificio Pini in the Tessile e Salute Association, which for years has been supporting companies in managing critical issues related, for example, to issues of traceability and transparency of the production chain, but also to the defense of Made in Italy. We think this is an important step both in the promotion of Italian excellence and of a path toward increasingly sustainable fashion.

Last, and certainly not least, we are working on a project that is particularly dear to us: in fact, Maglificio Pini will be working alongside a school in the Forlì area, but we will talk about this, we are sure, in more detail in the near future.