Maglificio Pini was among the protagonists of KnitClub during the last edition of Pitti Filati: innovation and originality accompany the wait for the new season.

Last June, as we reported live on our socials, Maglificio Pini played a leading role at the KnitClub at Pitti Filati 93. The event has always represented the beating heart of creativity and technique, a meeting place for designers, buyers and representatives of international fashion brands who flock to Florence during those days.
In particular, the theme of this year’s summer exhibitions was “Pitti Games,” a perspective on play that explored its imagination, courage and vitality.
Maglificio Pini also followed the enthusiasm of the main theme, participating with its Memory game, a specially set up totem that gave visitors the chance to venture into the famous board game, rendered in our style.

Speaking of our stand, visitors had the opportunity to admire the original collection themed Kintsugi, the refined Japanese art of repairing objects with gold. Clothes take shape in the decomposition and composition of garments, asymmetrical cuts, contrasts of fabrics.
The refined technique is revealed in various elements, such as in the patchwork applied to the yarns and stitches, but also in the construction of the clothes themselves: elements that are only seemingly antithetical come together in harmony, welcoming patterns that enhance the individuality and originality of the wearer.
In this sense, among the most appreciated garments certainly stands out the jacquard bomber jacket, which caught the attention and gave a way to appreciate our expertise, touching it by hand.

A few steps away from our stand, in the Central Pavilion, was the Research Space whose theme, “Domino,” was an invitation to “get in the game” for the coming season, to mix it up, to dare with intuitions.
Speaking of research, our Research and Development department is among the protagonists behind the scenes of every event and every creation: here we study materials, shapes and technologies capable of intercepting new fashion trends, in close contact with the sampling service.
While the physical spaces of Pitti Filati will reopen for the upcoming winter edition, it is important to note that not everything is limited to the physical show. Until Sept. 6, you can also browse special projects, online events and exhibitors’ proposals at

In addition, Maglificio has a dedicated space on Pitti Connect, the platform that offers additional opportunities for connection and interaction.
For now, we look forward to sharing more news and exciting projects in the future!