Our next projects? A company video and a steady focus on sustainability

In the last year we have seen our world changing drastically and done our best to keep up with all the challenges the pandemic put us through. However we believe that complications should not be seen as hurdles but as a chance to grow and to reinvent ourselves. We have therefore kept a positive attitude and made a virtue out of necessity.

We crossed our fingers and hoped until the very end we could attend Pitti Filati in person, but sadly enough, this hasn’t happened: health is still the priority in this very special moment of our lives. We have no idle hands and we have already started to lay the foundations for Pitti Filati 89. We are preparing something that – never like before – will show the expertise and creativity that distinguish Maglificio Pini since 1977.

We’ll still have to wait some time before being able to travel again. Therefore we came up with an alternative way to invite everyone visiting our company and getting to know our world. We are beyond thrilled to announce that in Spring we will release a video describing past, present and future of Maglificio Pini and the wonderful people of our team.

Speaking of future, securing one for the new generations and for our planet has never been so important. We are therefore committing to sustainability as much as we can: not only by donating scrap yarns but also by finding alternative solutions to plastic (yes, for polybags too!), recycling, using sustainable and ecological materials. Last but not least we are keeping up with all the latest products in terms of recycled, bio and natural yarns. Because the footprint we would like to leave in this world is not the carbon one, but the one of beauty and kindness.